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Nathan D. Ross, aspiring author, actor and speaker, has lived a life of extremes few can imaging. From the tragedy of starvation, abuse and murder in his family of origin, to facilities, fabulous foster parents, and his "forever" adoptive family best described as a comedy of chaos, Nathan has emerged focused on making the most of his life and talents. Through it all he has learned the strength of story, the power of performance and the beauty and frailty of human life and love. Whether approaching an acting role, speaking engagement or his autobiography (in development), it is with candor, humor and focused dedication that Nathan delivers authentic insight.

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    To grasp the full significance of life is the actor’s duty, to interpret it is his problem, and to express it his dedication.

    - Marlon Brando

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Excerpt Resilience Rising:

"During the times when my mom would starve us, we would have to find ways to get food of some kind. When she wasn’t feeding us, she wouldn’t let us go to school either, in case someone might figure out that we were being abused. But of course Mary and whoever her boyfriend was at the time would continue to eat. So whenever they’d leave, or go to sleep at night, we would sneak downstairs and dig through the trash cans to see what we could find. Covered with, cigarette ashes, coffee grounds, and other filth, we would dig scraps out of the trash. And we wouldn’t care. We’d try to wipe it off the best way we could, and just eat. We’d divide it between the five of us, as much as we could. It did something to us, though, starving. It made us almost like animals; our animal instincts for survival would kick in. But we would still try to look out for each other like family; we would try to help each other out. But there were limits, debts that came with desperation..."

"Being able to finally have the kind of family that I have right now with all of my brothers and sisters and having both a mother and a father has really showed me that it is possible for people in bad situations to come out of them and turn those situations around. I look forward to giving the kind of love that I have received over these past ten years to a family of my own some day. I believe family is an essential part of life and I feel sorry for those who never get to know how it feels to have people who care about them. That is part of the reason I want to write this book. I hope this gives people the courage needed to help take in a child in need and to love that child and give them everything that they were missing with their previous family."

"People often assume that it’s too hard adopting older kids out of foster care because they are too damaged and they probably can’t be fixed. Well I’m here to tell all who believe that that they are wrong. Yes it is hard to raise foster children especially ones who are older but they are still children and they still need to feel loved. Even though they might have issues that come with them, if they had someone that they knew was going to stick around and help them through it that just might be all they need to turn their lives around. It is the desire of everyone to be loved by somebody no matter how old they are or what they have come from. I hope that there comes a day when I don’ t have to feel that I was one of the lucky ones because I found my forever family even though I was older. I hope that one day every child that goes into foster care will get to find their forever family and a place to start over and be loved."


  • Nathan Ross is one of those phenomenal actors who inspires others to step outside their boxes. He is constantly pushing himself to bigger and better things, which in turn paves the way for his fellow cast mates to challenge themselves to do the same.
    - Heather Cooney
  • Nathan Ross represents the true spirit and resiliency needed for tomorrow's challenges. His life experiences presented him with obstacles that many would not have survived. Instead, Nathan has thrived and is now sharing how he has turned tragedy into a positive that will impact many more abused/children in the US.
    - Carmen Schulze
  • Meeting Nathan Ross is like meeting a hero. What he has experienced in his life far exceeds what most of us will ever experience. His perspectives and story will help other children and youth grow from their experiences and succeed.
    - Anonymous



My objective is to advocate for foster and adopted children who don’t have a voice. As a person who was in foster care and later went on to be adopted, I know the struggles that children go through in looking for the "forever families". I want to travel around and speak to as many people as I can about the importance of helping foster kids find adoptive families and helping make sure that the adoptive families are well equipped to take on the children they get. It is my hope that I can inspire more people to step up and become foster and adoptive parents and for the ones that are already, I want to inspire them to keep doing a great job and to help other children find the families they long for. It is also a goal of mine to talk with social workers and therapist to let them know how important and valuable their roles are amongst foster and adopted youth.

Selected Acting Experience

Tartuffe Damis - Northwest Missouri State University

Night of the Living Dead Ben - NWMSU/ST

Metamorphoses Sleep, Narrator, Zeus, others - NWMSU/MS

The Birds Harold, Priest Bird, chorus - NWMSU/MS

Dentity Crisis Dr. Summer - NWMSU/ST

John Brown’s Body Cujo - NWMSU/MS

NWMSU indicates Northwest Missouri State University
MS indicates Main Stage Production
ST indicates Studio Theatre Production

I will not vote Republican - Produced by Wide Awake Films - 2010

Special Skills

Cart Wheeling, Round Offs


Northwest Missouri State University BA: Theatre Performance/ Psychology

Awards and Recognition

Irene Ryan Nominee for the Region 5 KCACTF - 2010 Festiva

Professional Speaking

Children’s Division Preparation Class Kansas City February 2004

Missouri Coalition Children's Agency St. Louis October 2007

Child Welfare League of America Washington D.C. March 2008

Washington University St. Louis October 2008

Catholic Charities St. Louis November 2008

MFCAA/ UMKC School of Social Work Kansas City September 2009

University of Kansas Social Work Class 2010

MFCAA Conference 2010


Along with professional speaking, I have spoken with members of Congress to help pass bills improving care to foster and adopted youth. I also had the privilege of speaking at the 2008 Vice-Presidential debate at Washington University, advocating for a government that cares about its children in foster care.


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  • Email: nathan_daniel_ross@yahoo.com
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